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National Wood Products (NWP) is a manufacturer and wholesale distributor servicing contractors, fabricators, kitchen & bath dealers, architects, designers, and other industry professionals. NWP is eager to answer questions, provide product information and solution for complex projects.

Ordering, Manufacturing & Delivery:

NWP is the area distributor for all Formica brand
products maintaining a comprehensive selection of inventory: Please allow 3-4 business
days for your HPL order to be completed. For all other HPL (laminate) brands, NWP
does not maintain inventory on-site. Non-stocked laminate is purchased when your
panel order is placed and anticipated lead time is 4-5 business days.


You can place your order via phone, email or fax.

Contact Denver Lumber, Plywood & Formica®

Telephone: (303) 293-8660

Toll Free: (800) 428-4712

Fax: (303) 293-2275

For Formica® Enquiries Contact Us At

Salt Lake City Lumber, Plywood & Formica®

Telephone: (801) 977-1171

Toll Free: (800) 826-0344

Credit Fax: (801) 954-0485

Accounting Fax: (801) 428-5007

Sales Desk Fax: (801) 977-8548


There are 6 key details that we need to process a panel order.

1. Quantity | How many of this particular panel would you like?

2. W x L | (Note: wood grain runs the length of the panel) What are the width and length dimensions of your panel? We use imperial measurements vs. metric. Any order submitted in metric will be converted for processing.

3. Net Panel Thickness | Please specify the desired NET thickness of the panel. Note: the default dimension is for the net, or finished thickness (e.g. “I want a 3/4 & panel). If you order by substrate thickness (e.g. “I want it on 11/16”) you must clarify that on your order. Thickness offers a range from 1/8” to 1-3/16” thickness on a solid board. Other thicknesses can be accommodated by combining boards.

4. Board Type | Please indicate what material you would like as the substrate of your panel. NWP uses industrial grade particle board and MDF as a standard, and domestic and import plywood offerings. If you have special requirements, such as water-resistance, or fire-rated (Note: ONLY fire-rated particle board will be used in these applications), please advise so we can appropriately quote availability, pricing, and lead time.

5. Board Type Face (Side 1) | Specify which laminate, wood veneer, or other material you would like applied to the face of the panel. For laminate, this specification must include the following: manufacturer, color or pattern code and name, texture or finish code, grade, and any other qualifying detail. Please note that your selection of laminate may affect the lead time and price based upon availability.

6. Back (Side 2) | All the same details need to be specified for the back of the panel as the face.


      Most deliveries to commercial locations are made via our own fleet. In addition, deliveries that fall outside our local distribution area can be serviced by LTL carriers with an additional freight charge.

      Will call is also available in lieu of delivery at no charge.

      The following are guidelines only, not firm ETAs. Please contact an NWP laminating representative for confirmations and updates. Formica: Please allow 3-4 business days for you order to be completed. For all other HPL (laminate) brands NWP does not maintain inventory on-site. Non- stocked laminate is purchased when your panel order is placed, anticipated lead time is 4-5 business days.